RSA Customs Allowance

Duty-Free Allowances
A person under 18 is not entitled to tobacco, cigarettes or drinks allowances

Perfume:50ml + Toilet Water: 250ml
Gifts, souvenirs and all other goods: R5000
Cigarettes: 200
Cigars: 20
Cigarette or pipe tobacco: 250g
Spirituous or other alcoholic beverages: 1l
Wine: 2l

Flat Rate Assessment
You may elect to pay duty at a flat rate of 20% on goods up to a value of R20 000 over and above your duty-free allowances.

Fully Dutiable Goods
Firearms, where absence from the Republic is less than six months.
Consumable goods of the same type but in excess of the quality mentioned above.
Goods for commercial purposes and goods carried on behalf of other persons.

Coming through Customs Green Channel
Only if you have no more than the duty free customs allowance, no goods for commercial purposes, no prohibited or restricted goods and no goods onbehalf of others.

Customs Charges
You will have to pay duty on any items which are over the limits. You will normally have to do this before you leave the Customs Hall.

Currency Control
SA bank notes in excess of R25000 will not be allowed back.

Register Valuables
Ensure that certain identification items such as jewellery, cameras, watches, etc are registered at Customs for re-importation.

For information and advice contact: Customs and Excise

Johannesburg: 011 225 9001
Cape Town: 021 413 5000
Pretoria: 012 422 4000
Durban: 031 367 6100