Travel and Study Allowances

Per adult p.a. (over 18 years): R1 000 000
Per child p.a. (under 18 years): R200 000

Adults (18 years +) may use this allowance for any of the following: travel, donations, gidts, study, alimony, maintenance and child support, wedding expenses, foreign capital allowance up to the annual limit.
Children under 18 may use the allowance for travel only.

Foreign currency for travel purposes may not be bought more than 60 days prior to departure.
Travellers must convert unused foreign exchange within 30 days of returning to SA.
The costs of land arrangements (hotels, cruises, tours, etc.) form part of your travel allowance, but payment of airfares do not.

Credit card usage while travelling abroad is part of your travel allowance. In addition, each traveller may take R25 000 in South African Reserve Bank notes when visiting abroad.

NB: Proof of purchase of forex may be requested so it's advisable for pax to keep their foreign receipts.