Thompsons Traveller Connect

At Thompsons Travel, we are always looking for ways to streamline your business travel processes, track traveller behaviour, decrease your travel spend and unlock opportunities for cost savings.
Which is why we are so excited to introduce you to our enhanced booking tool: Thompsons Traveller Connect. 

Here’s how our enhanced booking tool will benefit you: 
Expense management functionality for SMEs4
Thompsons Traveller Connect is a web-based solution to manage, monitor and track traveller behaviour, cost savings and expenditure. For larger SMEs needing to incorporate expense management, Thompsons Traveller Connect integrates with your company IT and ERP systems, ensuring seamless management and budget tracking between HR, finance, expense and travel management platforms.
Time- and cost-saving benefits for travel bookers
Thompsons Traveller Connect is designed to streamline the booking process. Instead of spending hours searching for the best rates, you can find all the information you need in one place. To save you even more time, Thompsons Traveller Connect is a self-booking tool, which means that much of the process is in your travellers’ hands.  

Additionally, the built-in pre- and post-trip multi-tier expense approval enables cost reductions while ensuring compliance within your business travel policy. Your travellers’ on-the-go expense information is synched in real-time, making budgets and costings a seamless process. 

Further supporting our personalised service and 24/7 assistance, Thompsons Traveller Connect includes Duty of Care traveller tracking, so that you always know your travellers’ whereabouts.  

Wider choice of policy-compliant offerings for business travellers

Your business travellers can search and book policy-compliant flights, accommodation and transfers in real-time, ensuring an efficient offline and online booking request flow. Plus, pre-trip approval processes ensure faster reimbursements.  

A highlight, Thompsons Traveller Connect assists your travellers’ with their trip. They can upload visa documents, photograph their receipts and expenses on-the-go, get reminders and notifications about flight times, boarding gates and more.  

What we love about Thompsons Traveller Connect

- Thompsons Traveller Connect is PCI-DSS compliant. 
- Thompsons Traveller Connect is easy to use and takes much of the hassle out of business travel planning.  
- The expense management functionality and integrations, as well as the many other automated features will suit the needs of larger SMEs.  
- Thompsons Traveller Connect is an enhanced offering and will be the solution of choice for larger companies requiring a greater depth of analysis and more automation. 
- Thompsons Traveller Connect can be rapidly deployed. Additionally, your dedicated Thompsons Travel team will provide all the necessary training that your business travellers and travel bookers need to optimise the tool.