Corporate Social Responsibility

As members and supporters of The TreadRight Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation created as a joint initiative between The Travel Corporation (TTC) family of brands we are committed to MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® for People, Wildlife and the Planet. Our community outreach projects include the following: 

St Anne’s Home 

Thompsons Travel has done much for St Anne’s Home, which offers a sanctuary for abused women and children and provides relevant opportunities that consciously involve them in their society and cultivate a mature perspective on what it means to be a part of a community. Besides providing donations, excursions and transport, Thompsons Travel employees regularly volunteer at the facility’s crèche, meaningfully contributing to the organisation and the lives of its resident moms and children. 

Other community initiatives 

For Mandela Day, Thompsons Travel brightens up local schools through the Bookshelf Project, in which we paint bookshelves and desks. We join forces with Avis to support the PINK Initiative in aid of breast cancer, and, jumping in to raise money for CHOC, we take part in the annual Midmar Mile swim race. 


How We Tread Right

How We Tread Right (HWTR) is The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) new five-year sustainability strategy, which sets the mandate on sustainability at Thompsons Travel and our sister travel companies.
Our strategy is based on 11 measurable goals developed to address Thompsons’ impact on Planet, People, and Wildlife. These goals, anchored to the United Nations’ Global Goals address:

Planet – sustainability and conservation by targeting climate change, sustainable food production and responsible consumption through carbon management, renewable energy, the food cycle, waste reduction, and the elimination of single-use plastics.

People – community support and cultural preservation by targeting overtourism through the inclusion of new MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences, the creation of a standalone strategy to encourage greater diversity and inclusion at Thompsons Travel, and our global give-back efforts.

Wildlife – conservation and protection by targeting animal welfare and conservation, and ethical wildlife experiences through TreadRight’s Animal Welfare Policy.

Learn more about how choosing Thompsons Travel means choosing a travel company that puts sustainability and the planet at the core of everything we do.


Thompsons Travel is a certified Level Four Broad Based Economic Empowerment Company. Click here to view our BEE Certification.

Other CSR Projects

Together with our sister companies at Cullinan Holdings, we support the following local CSR projects:

SATSA Animal Interaction Charter 

We singed the SATSA Animal Interaction Charter, which sets guidelines in the selection of ethical organisations that promote healthy and sustainable animal interaction activities. The charter is also a commitment to raising awareness about ethical animal encounters and encouraging transformation in this sector of our industry.  
Submit your Endorsement here. 

Bushmans Kloof Rock Art (Cederberg) 

Preservation of the cultural and natural heritage of the ancient Bushmans Kloof rock art in the Cederberg. 

Cederberg Stars Leadership Camp (Cederberg) 

Support and facilitation of a leadership and life skills camp for the children of Elizabethfontein Primary, a local farm school in the Cederberg. 

Clanwilliam Cedar Trees (Cederberg) 

Supporting the annual Clanwilliam Cedar Tree planting ceremony, taking place in the rural village of Heuningveli, South Africa. To date, 2000 young cedar trees have been planted. 

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs (Cederberg) 

Partnering with Cheetah Outreach to adopt Anatolian Shepherd dogs as livestock guardian dogs (LGDs) into the Cederberg community, where the Cape Leopard have threated local sheep flocks. This has kept the Cape Leopard at bay, so it hunts its natural prey. 

Blood Lions (South Africa)  

All Cullinan businesses are committed to eradicating canned lion hunting in South Africa and Africa. Many ‘innocent’ practices such as cub petting or walking with lions contribute to the continuance of captive-bred lions, which once too old for petting, become part of the canned lion industry.  
Together with Treadright, Cullinan supports the Blood Lions campaign in Africa and all businesses have taken the Born to Live WILD pledge to help promote the global call to put an end to breeding, canned hunting and commercial exploitation of wild animal species. 
Sign the Pledge here. 

Wilderness Foundation Africa 

Supporting general wildlife crime countermeasures through the Wildlife Operations Group in eradicating rhino poaching in Africa. 

Wilderness Wildlife Trust (Botswana, Africa) 

Contributing to preserving endangered animal populations through building research camps and purchasing 4x4 vehicles, allowing for greater conservation output. 

The Cape Leopard Trust (Western Cape) 

Funding the Cape Leopard Trust in their work in collaring, tracking and monitoring the endangered and elusive Cape Leopard.