Online Check-in

With the new era of business travel a requirement for all departures is to check-in online. Checking in online using mobile travel tech is fast, convenient, and allows you to avoid the queues and save time at the airport. Take your pick of seats on the plane and get your boarding pass delivered to your mobile phone. To check-in online, make sure you have your flight details, booking confirmation number and passport number (if youbusiness travel is taking you abroad). You will be required to self-scan your electronic boarding pass upon departure at the airport and this will be applicable for all travel. 

Check My Trip 

As our favourite travel app and a handy tool for business travellers, CheckMyTrip allows you to gather all your travel information and manage your travel plans in one convenient place. Featuring a simple and user-friendly interface to manage every aspect of your trip, CheckMyTrip is compatible with Google Calendar, Outlook and Apple iCal, as well as allows you to check flight numbers, seating, gates, check-in times, itinerary changes and more. 

Click on the below airline that you are travelling with to check-in online: