Traveller Safety

The world is constantly changing, whether geo-politically, through climate change, or affected by mass global events. While it is impossible to guarantee traveller safety in this ever-changing ecosystem of unknownseffective travel risk management regulations must be in place to ensure that the correct precautions are being taken by all stakeholders.  
Our global connections through our parent company (The Travel Corporation, of which all Cullinan Holding businesses form part), means that we have our finger on the pulse of the latest safety and security measures in tourism, including travel safety regulationsprotocols and common standards. This allows us to proactively manage your corporate travel programme with a focus on supporting traveller safety  
We will assist you to meet your Duty of Care obligations to help keep your travellers safe on the road, by: 
  • Ensuring your corporate travel policy is up to date and includes your updated travel risk management policy. 
  • Supporting your traveller safety obligations with personalised corporate travel tech that allows you to track and communicate with your travellers wherever they are and provide instant advice. 
  • Providing flexible 24/7 support through our team of corporate travel experts who have been extensively trained in travel risk management. 
  • Providing you with specialist traveller safety services, such as organising repatriation flights. 
In our efforts to keep you safe and informed check out our Travel Restrictions and Visa Requirements Tool. With this tool you can stay up-to-date with quarantine announcements, get safe travelling tips and see which countries borders are open for travel.